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Passport to Leadership

Passport to Civic Leadership is a membership activation tool, designed for members wanting to achieve maximum value from their Jaycee membership. Many of the skills obtained through participating in the Passport to Civic Leadership program, such as public speaking, business writing or project management, will benefit members professionally. Your chapter president will sign off as you complete each task and report your progress to the National Passport to Leadership Program Manager. All tasks can be completed in ANY order. However, you will remain at the lowest degree until each task is completed under that degree.

Want a better way to keep up with your Passport to Civic Leadership Progress? Download the JCI mobile app through the Google Play Store or iTunes and get started today! Contact Membership Vice President Emily if you have any questions! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Passport to Leadership

Passport to Leadership is a career path for members, providing a logical sequence of events to be followed to ensure that members have the opportunity to take advantage of balanced programming and can experience the total Jaycee concept. By working through the various requirements spread across ten degree levels, members will learn and grow in the Junior Chamber experience. The first three degrees may be earned within the member’s first year through the LEADERboard program or individually if not completed with the first six months.

For the member, Passport to Leadership is a guide for personal growth. In addition, each member completing the Passport to Leadership program achieves the benefits of leadership training while directly affecting the experience of other members.

For the chapter, Passport to Leadership is a personnel management program, which can be used toward the achievement of chapter goals through member participation. The chapter also gains increased visibility and influence within the community.

Members advance through the Passport to Leadership program by attending various events, recruiting new members, and holding leadership roles within their chapter or on the state/national level. Different requirements are defined for each level on the Passport to Leadership form included in this section.

The Passport to Leadership program is divided into three phases, as described below:

Phase 1: Involvement

The first three degrees provide newer Jaycees with opportunities to experience orientation, training, community awareness, and sharing Jaycees. (See LEADERboard)

Phase 2: Experience

Degrees four, five, and six are designed to let Jaycees use their experience from the first phase to develop skills in activation and recruiting.

Phase 3: Leadership

The last four Degrees use the Jaycees’ training and leadership skills gained in the first two phases.
Degrees Certification

When a Degree has been achieved, the local chapter Membership Vice President or designated Director, should assist the member with completing a Passport to Leadership Certification Form (found in the useful documents section,) listing the Degree and activities completed. Have the local chapter President sign the form, and send it to the Passport to Leadership Program Manager.

  • Participants must complete one Degree at a time. e.g. If a member recruits 2 new members in one month, they cannot be used to advance in separate degrees (but you may advance in the Fleet of the Chesapeake!)
  • Members can earn degrees retroactively within one year of submitting the form. For example, If today is April 24, 2010 and you were a Jaycee on April 24, 2009 you can earn any degrees through the 12 months you’ve been an active Jaycee up to the date you submit.

Why should my chapter promote Passport to Leadership?

  • It is a terrific way to get members activated and ensure that they get the most from their Jaycee experience.
  • It recognizes members at a state and national level for the good work they do.
  • Parade of Chapter points and Officers parade points are awarded for enrollment and advancement.



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