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What do Jaycees do?

The short answer is: whatever the members want to do! There are no set guidelines for what kind of projects or how many a chapter must run. However, there are some projects that are popular and can give you a good idea about what we do.

Projects typically fall into one of 4 overall categories, or Areas of Opportunity: Business, Individual, Community, and International.

Business Development focuses on projects that benefit members in their professional career. The Junior Chamber Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Advancement is a program of seven training sessions to teach interested individuals the basics or starting and operating a small business. This includes money making events like barbecues, food or beverage stands at local festivals, Haunted Houses or raffles. It also includes public relations projects like participating in parades. It also covers events that help the chapter become successful like yearly planning sessions and budgeting.

Individual Development projects are those designed to help Jaycees improve their skills or gain knowledge. In addition to business and leadership skills, we also offer fun activities like mini-golf, wine-tasting, stress relief or surfing the Internet. Family concerns such as caring for aging parents or communication skills fall into the Individual Development area, and spiritual development projects that allow members to learn more about their own or another religion are also popular.

Community Development covers any project that benefits the community outside of the chapter. Obviously raising money for various charities would fall into this category. Children's events such as Easter Egg hunts, Halloween parties, football and baseball skills competitions, and teen dances are also Community Development. Jaycee chapters also help out their communities by building bleachers, pavilions, playgrounds and parks.

International Involvement includes projects that introduce members to different countries and cultures. We are an international organization with Junior Chambers in over 100 countries.


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