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Students Receive Scholarships from Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation, CSM ... - Southern Maryland News Net

image Celebrating 14 years of partnership, the College of Southern Maryland Foundation and the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation awarded 41 students with $79,000 in scholarships for the 2014-15 academic year at the annual scholarship reception May 16.

“Community involvement and paying it forward is what these scholarships are about,” said CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried. “The Jaycees are a group always raising money to give it away to help others—senior citizens, law enforcement, youth, or education—they are investing in you and that’s so special. You don’t find very many groups like the Jaycees who raise $50,000 a year just to give it away.”

“Our goal is to make Charles County a better place for all,” said Jaycee and CSM Alumna Suzanne Wible. “The Jaycees joined in partnership with the college 14 years ago to award scholarships to high school seniors graduating from Charles County schools based on their community involvement and financial need. We are looking to these students to become the future leaders in our community, and who will pay it forward to make a positive impact on someone else.”

After the student has been accepted as a scholarship recipient, Wible explained that as long as they continue to do well academically the scholarship is renewed in the student’s second year at CSM. Among this year’s 14 renewed scholarship recipients is CSM business administration major Carly Penny, of La Plata, who spoke to guests attending the reception about her financial struggles and how the scholarship has benefited her.

“This scholarship made the difference of me going to school or not,” she said. “It has been hard for my family to afford tuition for me and my twin sister at the same time. The scholarship has helped me pursue my degree without having to acquire student loan debt, or have to work full time. The scholarship will even allow me to graduate more quickly by being able to take more classes each semester.”

After CSM, Penny plans to transfer to Towson University to pursue her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business. “You have made a difference in my life and many others and your generosity will never be forgotten. I am involved in my community, and through your example I plan to increase my community involvement.”Echoing Penny’s sentiments to thank the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation and CSM Foundation for their support by in turn helping others in their community, two-year scholarship recipient Carley Flowers, of Waldorf, said, “My plans after graduating college are to start my career as a radiographer in Charles County and invest my time back to the community that has helped me get to where I am now.”

“Attending CSM has not only allowed me to reach my full academic potential but it has also shaped me into a better person…(and) led me on a pathway to new heights and higher learning. The College of Southern Maryland …has definitely prepared me with the skills, knowledge, confidence and leadership needed to reach the next milestone in my life,” said Flowers, who is transferring to pursue a radiography degree. “What made me want to pursue radiography was my love for helping others and first-hand experience seeing broken bones as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and my own personal experiences with broken bones.”

In addition to receiving a renewal scholarship when a minimum grade point average is maintained, the renewal recipient with the highest GPA as well as the departing student with the highest GPA are awarded an additional $1,000. This year’s renewal recipient with the highest GPA was Sarah Adeyanju. The departing student with the highest GPA was Rabbia Hasan.

Recipients of the 2014-15 Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation-CSM Foundation Scholarships are: Alexander Albrittain, Cristine Arter, Georgette Beason, Joeshia Brawner, Genesis Burch, Rebekah Carson, Aryanna Crockett, Imani Dennis, Sambhav Devkota, Daniel Dewaters, Emily Ditoto, Cheyenne Eller, Maria Estevez, Alyssa Gentilcore, Kehle Hatch, Michael King, Emily Latimer, Sarah Latimer, Morgan Mabry, Shelby McKeown, Kyle Millhouse, Tabish Nawaz, Bushra Nawaz, Agnaben Patel, Evelyn Pike, Patrik Sarabia, Robyn Welborne and Elle Williams.

Recipients of the 2014-15 Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation-CSM Foundation Renewed Scholarships are: Sarah Adeyanju, Anthony Day, Kelly Flaherty, Selaina Hopkins, Darrien Kristiansen, Carly Penny, Ashley Rye, Anastasia Saldana, Jan Christian Santos, Joelle Sherman, Kathryn Sine, Allen Tengco and Alexandra Toribio.To view photos from the scholarship reception, visit csmphoto.zenfolio.com/14jcscholar. For information on the CSM Foundation and how to create or apply for a scholarship, visit http://www.csmd.edu/Foundation/

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