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Dorchester council candidates outline views - The Star Democrat

CAMBRIDGE — During the recent Mid-Shore League of Women Voters candidates forum, candidates in Dorchester’s three contested council races included the following comments in opening and closing remarks. District 1 incumbent Jay Newcomb used the forum as an opportunity to set the record straight on his decision earlier this year to retire from his job with the Phillips Seafood Co., managing its packing house on Hooper’s Island.

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kAmqC25D92H :D E96 6I64FE:G6 5:C64E@C @7 E96 r=62? r96D2A62<6 r@2=:E:@?[ 7@F?565 3J E96 4@F?EJ E@ 492==6?86 ?FEC:6?E C65F4E:@? 677@CED 36:?8 C6BF:C65 3J E96 DE2E6 H9:49 H@F=5 4@DE 2 E@E2= @7 S`c]d 3:==:@? E@ :>A=6>6?E E9C@F89@FE E96 DE2E6 2?5 Sgf >:==:@? 7@C s@C496DE6C 5FC:?8 E96 ?6IE a_ J62CD]k^Am

kAm“x 4@?E:?F6 E@ =62C? 6G6CJ 52J[” qC25D92H D2:5[ 3@E9 2D 2 D49@@= 3FD 5C:G6C[ DA62<:?8 E@ E96 DEF56?ED @? 9:D 3FD 2?5 E96:C A2C6?ED 2?5 E2=<:?8 E@ DE@C6 4FDE@>6CD]k^Am

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kAmpD 7@C 9:D @AA@?6?E[ $E2?=6J D2:5[ “x 92G6 ?@E9:?8 325 E@ D2J 23@FE |C] %@>] x 92G6 ?@E9:?8 E@ D2J 8@@5]”k^Am

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kAmx?4F>36?ED 2C6 CF??:?8 F?@AA@D65 :? >@DE @7 E96 C6>2:?:?8 4@F?EJ C246D] s6>@4C2ED (:==:2> w] y@?6D WDE2E6’D 2EE@C?6JX[ s@C:D z66?6 {6H:D WC68:DE6C @7 H:==DX[ v6@C86 p>6D yC] W~CA92?D’ r@FCE[ 5:DEC:4E `X[ r2C@=J? %@55 2?5 r2=G:? %C2G6CD W~CA92?D’ r@FCE[ 5:DEC:4E aX 2?5 #6AF3=:42? p>J rC2:8 W4=6C< @7 E96 4:C4F:E 4@FCEX H:== 36 C6EFC?65 E@ @77:46] v=6? !2J?6 H:== D6CG6 2?@E96C E6C> C6AC6D6?E:?8 s:DEC:4E c @? E96 D49@@= 3@2C5[ H9:=6 {6~E92 wF== H:== ;@:? E96 3@2C5 7C@> s:DEC:4E a]k^Am

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