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March Membership Report

As the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland continue to pile up with snow, I am longing for spring and some relief from the recent frigid temperatures we've all been enduring.

The Maryland Jaycees are heating things up and have started off 2014 with a bang seeing chapter growth within the first two months. Kudos to those chapters! We are well on our way to seeing our state obtain long overdue membership growth. Keep up the great work!

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March Update from EVP Travis

Greetings, Jaycees!

It was so nice to see many of you at our Winter Convention in Salisbury recently. I can't believe how exciting it was to see how motivated our state is to have a fantastic 2014.

Right now, we're working on improving our communications and simplifying how we operate. We understand that many chapters are stretched thin and when there's a limited amount of time to invest in the Jaycees, it's often better spent working on local matters. With that being said, here's where we are right now:

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